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About Us

About Nutradwin

(A Division of Adwin Pharma)

At Adwin Pharma, we understand the importance of health and well-being. We are passionate about giving people access to nutraceutical products that can help them feel better, look their best, and live life to its fullest potential.

We strive to create products that are backed by science, made with natural ingredients, and designed to meet the needs of our customers. We're committed to giving you high-quality supplements that help your health and well-being as a whole and help you reach your own goals.

Established in 2008, Adwin Pharma is one of the best pharmaceutical companies in India, situated at Trilokpur Road, Kala Amb (H.P.). We offer a wide range of nutraceutical products. Our product lines are made with approved technology and packaged in sterile environments, which makes them very effective and affordable. We've built a good name in the market and helped our partners grow their businesses by offering a wide range of products at the best prices.

About Adwin Pharma

About "Dr. Ashish Dhamija"

(Company’s Owner)

The company’s founder, Dr. Ashish Dhamija, has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for a long time and knows about all of its changes. He keeps up with new developments in the field of medicine. His knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry and strong ties in the healthcare field have helped our company get a lot of clients. They have earned a lot of respect in this industry because of how much they know about the market, how well they understand how medicines are made, and how well they can lead.


Our Services

Adwin Pharma is one of the best PCD Pharma franchise companies and third-party manufacturers in India. To ensure that our line meets all mechanical requirements (ISO and GMP certified), we've combined the most cutting-edge and effective technologies.We do things the right way and offer a variety of prescription medications in bulk. We have a monopoly on PCD franchisees and third-party manufacturing in every state of India that can be reached.


Advanced Manufacturing Facilities

The infrastructure of Adwin Pharma is state-of-the-art and includes a contemporary automation system. The entire facility complies with WHO and GMP standards. Our qualified personnel utilizes cutting-edge technologies to maximize the usage of resources and complete jobs effectively. 100% power backup aids in product security, capacity utilization, and shipment. We offer comprehensive product solutions, including regulatory approvals and specialized packaging. Our unit provides a safe, supportive, instructive, and collaborative workplace for its employees.

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